What is Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare?

In every industry, we are experiencing a more pressing need for transformation than ever before. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare brings together trusted capabilities from Mazik Global and Microsoft that enhances patient engagement, empowers health team collaboration, and improves clinical and operational insights. It makes it faster and easier to provide more efficient care and help ensure the end-to-end security, compliance, and interoperability of health data. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations align to their clinical and operational needs, empower their digital transformation, and design a healthier future for their patients.

Enhance Patient Engagement
Enable enriched data to flow securely through every point of care to continuously improve patient’s experience and health outcomes.

  • Facilitate new consumer acquisition and create personalized patient nurture journeys.
  • Deliver tailored preventative and care management patient programs that help promote better health outcomes.
  • Reduce call volumes and in-person visits by deploying secure virtual visits, chat bot assessments and remote health monitoring.
  • Reach larger patient populations by developing easier patient access through mobile apps, landing pages, kiosks, secure patient portals and contact call centers.

Empower Health Team Collaboration
Accelerate health teams’ ability to coordinate care in a secure environment and simplify complex workflow management.

  • Helps care teams collaborate and share knowledge in a single secure place, with advanced messaging features including priority notifications, smart camera, and message delegation.
  • Enable care teams to use data integrated across clinical systems, apps, and electronic health records to help improve patient care.
  • Enhance care team communication to simplify complex workflow management (i.e. bed, equipment, discharge, staffing).
  • Build a 360-degree patient view to better understand their situation and needs to enable faster decision support and actioning across care teams.
  • Provide referral management for increased client retention and care satisfaction.
  • Enable at-home medical care as an affordable alternative to facility or hospital care.
  • Help generate secure, scalable data ingestion from IoT medical devices to allow care teams to monitor patients in and outside of clinical facilities.

Improve Clinical and Operational Insights
Connect data from across systems, creating insights to predict risk, and help improve patient care, quality assurance and operational efficiencies.

  • Deploy AI-driven predictive analytics for data modeling, risk assessment, and decision support.
  • Analyze and quickly mobilize clinical and operational data for reporting, real-time assessment, and ongoing quality improvement.
  • Help reduce process latency & redundancy by creating proactive treatment & wellness plans to help reduce costs.
  • Make each patient touchpoint more relevant with proactive, data-driven insights to better match patients with providers based on eligibility and benefits.
  • Extend patient data with financial, operational, and medical device information to leverage insights for faster decision-making and help improve patient outcomes.

Mazik Global’s MazikCare suite of solutions support patient-centered, collaborative care. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare MazikCare IP streamlines and unifies each patient record, cutting down on vendor bloat and enabling care providers to save time and resources.

Visit MazikCare solutions on Microsoft AppSource, Mazik Global website or download our MazikGlobal-MazikCare OneSheet today.

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