As tech companies, Mazik Global and our partners at Microsoft are responding innovation-first to COVID-19 to help you feel safer and get you the best possible answers during the outbreak.

We’ve created a chatbot to help you assess your healthcare options based on your answers to a few screening questions. These are the same screening questions used by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Why should I use this COVID-19 screening tool?

The tool allows anyone to anonymously submit their symptoms to find out what their symptoms mean and to assist in public health tracking. Participants will also be able to send screening results to a participating health provider of their choice with their personal QR code, supplied at the end of the assessment. Those who choose to connect an email address to their screening will receive an email summary and will also have the option to continue tracking symptoms over time. Your reference number or QR code will act as a login for you, so any follow-up assessments you add are shorter.


How private is my information?

Your email address will only be used for the purposes of sending you a screening summary and tracking your symptom progress. Your health screening information will not be shared or sold.

Are any special materials required to take the assessment?

A thermometer is required to take your temperature.


As the international response to the virus grows, we know healthcare organizations are facing challenges they must respond to quickly. We’re rapidly creating new technologies to help hospitals, providers, and health systems improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes with better tools. We’re also helping regular citizens have more peace of mind during this uncertain time. Our partnership with Microsoft helps us quickly create the tools that make the difference.

Some of the key concerns we’re working on include: 

  • Accurate and swift reporting of COVID-19 patients to public health agencies
  • Improving to patient triage protocols to more quickly identify the right candidates for testing
  • Reducing the burden on caregivers and the healthcare system