How can we build a better, greener tomorrow?

As we progress towards the future, building sustainable business practices continues to be at the forefront of our mind. We’re faced with climate change and now is the time to take action and reduce our footprint on the environment. This responsibility belongs to everyone, including those of us in the technology industry.

Microsoft sets a prime example with their sustainability journey. They recently committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030, reducing their historical emissions by 2050, and becoming water positive and zero waste, among other goals.

On Earth Day 2021, the Microsoft Blog published an article highlighting a selection of business partners and the actions they are taking towards a sustainable future. Some solutions and practices they support include:

  • Building automated spaces and buildings to reduce carbon footprints and optimize energy efficiencies.
  • Influencing more responsible supply chain practices.
  • Utilizing renewable or ocean-bound plastics in hardware.
  • Recycling and repurposing old devices to avoid putting out unneeded waste.

There are always strategies, big or small, that we can use to reduce our impact on the environment. You can visit this link to learn more about the steps Microsoft and its partners are taking to build a healthier, more sustainable future. It’s a challenge, but through innovation and taking bold steps, we can get there together.

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