Cutting-edge manufacturing process management.

Simplify your supply chain, personnel, operations and facilities.

Think … done.

MazikThings gives your team instant access to critical data across platforms, includes intuitive dashboards to track project and process flows, monitors onsite and remote equipment health, and consolidates your IT infrastructure, saving time and money and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

The Leader in IoT/M2M, AI and Data Portability

Your operations rely on multiple systems, some high-tech and some decidedly not so. MazikThings brings coherence to your IT stack by consolidating critical operational and back-office processes into one powerful enterprise application.

Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, MazikThings does your work for you. Our single, centralized system automatically pulls data from multiple sources, error-free. Machine learning continuously analyzes data to identify potential issues. The more data you feed it, the smarter it becomes, delivering data securely to multiple applications across your organization.

Seamless Integration

From oil and gas utility to telecom to fuel management to many other industries, all you need is the communication protocol to add your hardware on our IoT Cloud Platform for a seamless integration for an unlimited array of M2M applications.

Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, MazikThings brings Digital Transformation to manufacturing companies through a secure, scalable IoT solution that integrates seamlessly into other business applications to connect data, machines, and people for intelligent actions.

  • Collect data through MazikThings IoT cloud products from field instruments, PLCs, sensors, etc.
  • Analyze the data and generate trend reports
  • Configure alarms and receive SMS and email alerts in different alarm conditions
  • Generate configurable reports
  • Leverage our pre-built device integrations or integrate with other third-party M2M hardware
  • Run commands remotely from web browser to IoT device, including Auto Patching, setting custom configurations, and changing data collection rates
  • Access status data from your unmanned locations in near real time
  • Replicate machine displays to improve transparency of operator views for unparalleled remote customer service
  • Configure curfews and geofencing parameters and corresponding alert workflows to improve fleet security
  • Automate parts orders based on stock levels and preventive maintenance needs through predictive insights
  • Receive critical insights via one comprehensive and intuitive dashboard
  • Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity to collect data from your remote sites using AirLink® gateways from Sierra Wireless
  • View system health in real-time using an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • Facilitate intelligent production decisions using real-time data from your machinery
  • Create solid forecasts, decrease lead time and eliminate customer downtime
  • Immediately share meter data with other relevant applications throughout your ecosystem
  • Improve revenue streams through insights into product consumption
  • Track your fleet’s locations arrival/departure times, speed, fuel use, cargo and more
  • Ensure all passengers or cargo reach their intended destination
  • Receive notifications to dispatch technicians when equipment fails or needs routine service

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

MazikThings provides IoT/M2M cloud platform, remote monitoring, remote metering, asset tracking, and a variety of other solutions that can solve problems across a wide variety of industries, including discrete manufacturing, utilities and energy.

MazikThings provides engineering design services with M2M technology for hardware, firmware and server software.

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