Better Processes = More Time for Patient Interaction

Supply Chain costs represent about one-third of the average hospital’s overall operating expenses. An analysis by Navigant Consulting, estimates that hospitals could save an average of 17.7 percent or $11 million per hospital annually by streamlining and standardizing their supply chain processes. [Source: Navigant Consulting].

More than ever, healthcare processes must be agile, streamlined, collaborative, and patientforward to succeed. Critical to this success is an efficient supply chain process. Key objectives include:

  • Deliver improved patient care experiences
  • Reduce administrative time on manual tasks
  • Improve clinician and supplier relationships
  • Strengthen supply chain bonds between hospitals and suppliers
  • Maximize inventory investment
  • Mitigate impacts of future pandemics

 MazikCare is a set of healthcare-ready business solutions that enhances end-to-end business operations across the care continuum so healthcare teams can spend more time on what they do best: treating patients.

The MazikCare CareSupply solution provides:

Track & Trace

  • Current and past locations of an item
  • Real-time visibility into where items are in the supply chain process
  • Temperature controls


  • Automates Labor Intensive
  • Improves Workflows for Procurement
  • Purchasing Behavior Visibility
  • Connect to ERP for realtime data and information sharing

PAR Management

  • Minimum and maximum number of units in inventory at a single time
  • Set levels to automatically replenish inventory to keep at PAR level
  • Reduce costs by not holding too much inventory on hand and reduce risk of stock item expiration

Materials Management

  • Ensure facilities/departments are properly stocked with the right products and equipment
  • Minimize inventory investment

Vaccination Management

  • Track the lifecycle of vaccine lot/serial number end to end from receiving to internal transfers to administering the vaccine
  • Centralized dashboard to improve efficiencies through automation, real-time reporting and just-in-time delivery
  • Replenish and oversee inventory levels at clinics, departments and vaccine stations

Optimize materials management for precision, value-based care today! Download the Supply Chain Infographic, visit us online at MazikCare or email [email protected].


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