As we look towards the future, AI is finding a place in nearly every digital space. AI is a key component in the evolution of industry and automation. It improves accuracy, makes space for more invention and adaption, includes self-optimization and provides real-time tracking and analysis that we haven’t had access to until now.

This new data will give engineers the chance to make broad leaps forward in improving their businesses with new types of data. They can combine their personal knowledge of their plant with the technologies AI provides to create models and ask questions, reducing time and cost that would otherwise be spent on a deterministic model and manual calculations.

Moving forward, AI will result in a safer, more automated factory shop floor that paves the way for greater learning and innovation. But in order to incorporate AI onto your shop floor, you have to start small.

Digitizing your shop floor is the first task on the way to gathering and consolidating data. Use it to take your business to the next level. Mazik ShopFloor delivers unprecedented connectivity and will transform your business to accommodate the benefits of IoT. Take the first step towards digital transformation today.

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