MazikEd Student Behavior Tracking App


What you’ll learn

Proactively fostering positive behaviors of students with special education needs is the foundation of the MazikEd Student Behavior Tracking App. An easy-to-use mobile interface enables educators to quickly track unwanted behaviors while still being able to intervene.

The MazikEd Student Behavior Tracking App:

  • Supports immediate intervention before unwanted behaviors escalate
  • Fosters trust between teachers, students and parents
  • Provides real-time reporting for on-going data-based monitoring and evaluation
  • Proactively supports students to help prevent unwanted behaviors
  • Highlights trends in student behavior to reflect on what is working and what’s not working

The real-time data and consistent monitoring enables educators to create consistent behavioral expectations of their special education students to promote a cooperative learning environment. The app can be customized based on the behaviors educators want to track.

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