SidHow can you do:  “more with less”?  Let Mazik Solutions built on Microsoft Technologies help you take advantage of existing platform to build a sustainable model for innovation to support your mission critical processes and infrastructure!  Sid Siddiqui, MazikGlobal

The most successful public organizations and governments are powered by passionate individuals who are fully empowered to make a difference. When given the right tools, these people can realize their full potential, make governments leaner and more responsive, and ensure the outcome that citizens demand. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions tailored for public sector organizations manage finances, constituent relationships, logistics, recruiting, and allow you to lower costs and improve productivity.

At the time when all you hear is “do more with less,” Microsoft Technologies helps public sector organizations take advantage of existing resources to build a sustainable model of innovation and support eight critical functions: government administration, public safety, healthcare, buildings, tourism, education, transportation and energy and water. As an ISV and solution provider focused on Public Sector Healthcare and Education solutions I would like to share our understanding of ERP solution requirements of these sectors.

Health Care

Every enterprise needs to continually focus on improving the management by accessing accurate meaningful information; however, in the healthcare industry this information requirement and its accuracy become vital due to its implications on public health. Many healthcare organizations have in the past employed information technology to automate back office functions such as accounting, payroll, patient management (designed to manage patient admission, discharge and transfers) but research shows that managing the back office function only will not suffice the present and future needs of health care industry. According to the available data statistics we know that thousands of people die each year across the globe as a result of medical errors. The irony of the situation is that a majority of these errors are actually preventable.

Today healthcare organizations face many challenges including rising costs, higher number of preventable medical errors and productivity losses which are primarily caused due to inefficiencies. Urgent industry initiatives for increasing healthcare competitiveness and provision of better patient care has driven healthcare organizations to integrate and rely upon technology for virtually all aspects of delivering patient healthcare.

The focus of MazikCare Research and Development team is to design and deliver the error free clinical care and decision support system with following strategic guiding principles.


Higher Education

The needs of Higher Education institutions are complex and ever-changing. Universities, community colleges and education institutions face critical challenges in attracting students, supporting these students throughout their career, maintaining relationships with Alumnis, managing financial aid needs and managing a vast set of campus resources.

Educational institutions need a solution that helps them confront the challenges being faced in this critical industry by providing comprehensive solution and scalable tools. The solution also need to support student careers. Some of this is only possible if you have a system that allow universities to manage day-to-day administration activities, faculty and student interaction and facilitate workflows and processes to define and achieve success metrics.

The focus of MazikEd Research and Development team is to design and deliver a solution that provides all the business information which is required by the higher-ed institutions that will enable them to make these sound and tiemely decisions.  Our goal had been to design MazikEd around these following guiding principles:


In the current apps dominated era, the need for apps to amplify ERP value through Mobility is huge.  Massive amount of data is everyone and there is a need to bring it all out and present it to the user in a seamless and simplified manner.  We have achieved this task by introducing MazikAX app for Windows 8 to connect in real time with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in the backend.  Both of our solutions MazikCare and MazikEd utilize this powerful dash boarding concept and provide you the critical ERP information and KPIs for daily use and decision making at your finger tip.

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