The CDC recently published new information regarding the Delta variant and other Covid-19 variants. Here are some of their main points.

  • Variants are not a surprise to scientists. They are constantly monitored and classified into different degrees of concern, such as Variants Being Monitored, Variants of Concern, Variants of Interest, or Variants of High Consequence.
  • Variants spread at different rates and lead to varying symptoms and consequences.
  • The only variant of concern in the US as of right now is the Delta variant.
  • Covid-19 tests are able to detect all variants, but they are unable to detect which variant you may have.
  • The CDC recommends that masks be worn by all people, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to reduce Covid-19 transmission.

FDA approved or authorized Covid-19 vaccines protect against all known variants. Getting vaccinated will drastically reduce your chances of getting sick,

hospitalized, or dying from Covid-19.

Get your employees, students, or constituents vaccinated today. Find out how our MazikCare VaccineFlow solution can help you return to work, return to school, and provide digital vaccination status. 


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