If your video conferencing platform isn’t also helping you work smarter, you might miss these 5 big benefits.


Cloud-based point-to-point video conferencing usage has increased by 880% in the last five years, and it’s easy to see why. As industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and others become truly global in terms of their workforce and customer reach, the need for digital face-to-face interactions is an area companies can’t afford to overlook. With countless interoperability options out there today, these platforms can truly be used as all-in-one software workhorses. But not all are the same. 

If there was ever a great time to reassess how your communication tools work for your business, it’s now, especially with free enterprise teleconferencing options being offered (see more below). The benefits to bottom lines and efficiency with the right platform can be game-changers. Here are four ways how. 


1. Reducing business travel costs  

Teleconferencing eliminates the exorbitant fees for lodging, airfare, meals and—in the case of larger conferences or meetings—rental fees. Companies of all sizes now use teleconferencing to reduce the need for big offices, allowing more employees to work remotely and save that expense for more important budget items.  

2. Saving time and expense by adding interoperability 

When you’re able to seamlessly integrate your video conferencing tool with your other everyday tools, you’re able to do your work faster, without switching windows or searching for files. In healthcare, for example, a doctor meeting virtually with a patient might want the patient’s medical record and pharmacy information handy. A person in accounting may want their cost data easily accessible while speaking to a supplier. The right kind of interoperability makes these simultaneous views possible during a call, saving time and allowing users to stay engaged with their audience.

3. Face-to-face video builds trust  

More and more, consumers want almost-instant resolutions and quality service. In industries like healthcare, the ability to respond quickly—yet personally—to a patient (without requiring them to leave home) could significantly change their health outcome.  

4. True collaboration options 

Not only do video conferencing solutions let two people 1,000 miles away talk in real time, but some let you do so while editing documents together within the platform.  

5. A safe and secure way to do business, even during troubled times 

Pandemics, natural disasters, travel restrictions, and health concerns all impact our ability to continue business as usual. The right teleconferencing approach lets companies operate as normally as possible while still adhering to their industry’s regulations. Microsoft Teams, for example, is HIPAA-compliant for healthcare security out of the box.   


Many companies are heeding the call for more advanced teleconferencing options that don’t just let you attend meetings and calls easily, but that connect with your business’s other tools. When it comes to cost, time, and efficiency, this tech area is an integral part of continued business growth. With so many robust options, it’s a good time to reassess communication needs and find the platform that works best for you.  

Right now, Microsoft is offering Teams free for six months with no strings attached. We use Microsoft Teams in our office as a one-stop collaboration solution and we help other businesses implement it, too.  Contact us to get your own free enterprise trial.

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