Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, MazikThings brings digital transformation to manufacturing companies through a secure, scalable IoT solution that integrates seamlessly into other business applications to connect data, machines, and people for intelligent actions.

The leader in IoT, M2M, AI and Data Portability, MazikThings:

  • Creates a connected factory to enable seamless sharing of information between machines, sensors and people
  • Provides an integrated system with real-time visibility to support intelligent order management
  • Promotes supply chain insights to help businesses make proactive customer-centric decisions to meet customer demand and changing expectations

Now more than ever, it is critical to have a digitally connected manufacturing system that provides operational resiliency and enables allows-on service for your stakeholders and customers. 

– Predictive Maintenance
– Telematics & Safety
– Connected Field Service
– Asset Management
– Remote Management IoT
– IoT/M2M Cloud Platform Integration
– Remote Cloud Monitoring & Control
– Remote Metering Solutions


Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, MazikThings gives your team instant access to critical data across platforms, intuitive dashboards to track project and process flows, monitors onsite and remote equipment health, and consolidates your IT infrastructure, saving time and money and increasing efficiency across the enterprise.

Download our IoT in Manufacturing: The Key to Create Agile, Connected Factories e-Book or email [email protected] to get started today.

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