Microsoft Dynamics 2012 R3 surely has come up with new and exciting features to satisfy modern ERP needs. Still there are some gaps that can be filled, our point of focus however in this post is limited to Fixed Assets Transfers, and in R3 we have a support of transferring multiple fixed Assets along with doing a Mass Transfer. One very important aspect of Fixed Assets Transfer that seems missing here is, what if an asset belonging to one company needs to get transferred to another (within a corporate group)? It should also take care of all the accounting entries; the asset should get disposed of in the source company, acquired (may be optionally) in the destination company. A very obvious scenario isn’t it? Yes I am talking about the need of Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers. An Inter-Company asset transfer may be required for one of the following reasons:

  • The organizational structure of the corporate group has changed, requiring you to reassign the asset to a different company.
  • The physical location of the asset has changed, making it necessary to assign the asset to a new company.

Mazik Global realizes this gap and we have developed the Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers feature. But it is obviously not as simple as it sounds; there are many things to consider while transferring an asset from one Company to another. Apart from taking the design related decisions, there are some constraints, things like:

  • Asset Group:

So we know that every fixed asset belongs to a group, so while transferring the destination company may not necessarily have the same group. So to which group should we get the Asset transferred to ?

  • Value Model:

An Asset Book is assigned to a value model which are also company specific, So how exactly would assignments of value models be done?

Design of the Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers feature:

Under Fixed Assets -> Setup Node, the above two Forms have been edited to support the configuration of the inter company transfers.

Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers

Within the Fixed Asset Groups Form, a new tab Inter-Company Mapping has been introduced, Here for every group within the company, a mapping can be provided. If an asset belonging to the selected group needs to get transferred to a different company, that company should be listed here with the destination Asset Group. Else the system will not allow the Inter Company transfer.

Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers


Similarly within the Value Models Form, a new tab Inter-Company Mapping has also been introduced, Mapping for the destination companies need to provided to get the Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers done.

Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers

Within the Fixed Assets List Page form, a new Button “Inter-Company Transfers” is added in the transfers section, select your fixed asset from the list and press the Inter-Company Transfer Button.

Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers
Following form opens up, this form enables the Inter company transfer, all value models against the selected fixed asset get populated in the grid.
Fixed Assets Inter-Company Transfers

  • The transfer to field will only show the set of companies that this asset can get transferred to, which would only include companies for which destination Group and Value models configuration have been made.
  • Source company tab lists the details of the currently selected value model of the asset.
  • If the check box Acquire fixed asset at time of transfer is checked, apart from the asset getting disposed off and transferred from the source company, it will also get acquired in the destination company to the net book value mentioned here.
  • Once transfer to field is populated the destination company gets filled to with relevant details as provided earlier during the configuration of Asset Group and Value models. Also the Confirm Transfer button gets enabled.

So this is how the fixed asset multiple transfers is done in the customization developed by Mazik Global, If you want to provide any feedback or suggestions or even need any help. Feel free to drop me an email on [email protected].
Thanks for reading !


  • Ravi Sankar says:

    Hi Nayyar Mashkoorf,
    Can you please let me know if there is any standard classes that will require minimum customization to achieve this?
    Or we need to write all codes for transferring Fixed assets from source company(disposal) to destination company(acquired)?
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Nayyar Siddiqi says:

      Hi Ravi,
      Hope you are doing well.
      Actually you will have to write some classes yourself for this, since this is a new functionality and not any change to an existing one, although in the end it really depends upon how you design your solution to this.
      All the best,

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