Empowering Cities & Citizens

by Peter M. Lane, Vice President Client Engagement, Mazik Global

City processes and personnel are often called upon “to do more with less” while providing superior services to their constituents. The expectation is that city processes will be streamlined and access to services available regardless of device. Blending city services using IoT is leading to more and more smart cities that provide access for all through expedited processes and portals that create next-level services.

“To be efficient and effective in today’s complex, interlinked and fast-changing environment, governments need to redesign their structures and processes to capitalize on a new set of actors and tools.”​ – World Economic Forum​, Future of Government Report​

The rapid pace of innovation and​ societal changes are presenting new​ challenges for cities​:

  • Citizen expectations of digital service delivery​
  • Digitizing labor intensive, paper-based processes ​
  • Security, privacy and regulatory requirements​
  • Aging, costly and inflexible legacy technology​
  • Demand for omni-channel citizen engagement​
  • Cross-agency collaboration for better service​

Everyone, including Government employees, demands improved access to information at anytime from anywhere to do their jobs more productively, and from the devices of their choice. ​Citizens require convenient access to public services no matter where they are – bus schedules, social services and everything in between. ​Government leaders are seeking new ways to become more efficient with public money, ensuring security-enhanced data, and delivering new services with greater engagement with citizens.​

Digital Transformation is Essential to Empower Cities and Citizens​

  • Engage your citizens​ with connected experiences​
  • Empower your city employees to respond faster to citizen needs​
  • Optimize your city operations​ and rapidly deliver new services​
  • Transform ​your city to drive innovation and growth​

Engage Your Citizens by enabling smarter government and citizen interactions, specifically by empowering smarter government field work for case workers, inspectors, community leaders, etc.  In addition, leverage enhanced online service delivery portals that provide consistent 24/7 government access to citizens on their terms. ​

MazikCity was developed to be the digital bridge between city services and citizen engagement. Leveraging Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI it provides agility and scalability to your city. It also includes an embedded processer for cashiering that eliminates credit card processing fees. This application that will enable your city to become a leader for permitting, business licensing, code enforcement, and maintenance management. MazikCity is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a full view of the city’s operations. This application will streamline and automate workflows to allow the city to be more efficient. ​

To learn more about how MazikCity can transform your city processes, contact us today

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