By Suresh R. Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, Mazik Global

Patient care has slowly been evolving and the onset of the pandemic has accelerated this evolution. In the past, patient care was a reactive process. A person didn’t feel well, they sought medical treatment and advice, then they recovered. That was the cycle of the provider-patient relationship (for most instances).

Today, patient-provider relationships have become a collaborative process – not just with a patient seeing one provider but with more and more patients seeing multiple providers. There is a demand for greater connectivity between types of provider organizations. For instances when patients are discharged to another facility the need to identify and support continuous, uninterrupted care is important to patient recovery and well-being.

It is critical for healthcare organizations to have systems that support a patient-centered, collaborative care environment. The EMR systems in many organizations are designed for episodic care and not care that supports patient-centric relationships. This evolving collaborative relationship has been further fueled by technological improvements and capabilities.

The development and launch of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and solutions from providers like Mazik Global helps to the bridge the provider-patient communication gap.

It’s a necessity to have processes that:

  • Support both physician and patient relationship management
  • Leverage artificial intelligence for predictive modeling and outcomes
  • Enables patients to complete autonomous tasks
  • Integrate with EMR systems
  • Provide a 360-degree view of the patient’s needs

Especially with an ongoing pandemic, the need for connected care in a remote environment must be met. Health systems must be nimble and have a solution to accommodate mass patient and customer volume.

Reimagining a connected healthcare ecosystem is at the center of the MazikCare solutions that are built on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.


Whether it’s urgent care, acute care, long term care, Covid-19 tracking and vaccination management, the underlying driver of these solutions is to advance better information, faster communication, greater accuracy, and reliable insight tools to drive better healthcare.

Better processes equal more time for human interaction so providers can maximize their time doing what they do best: keeping patients healthy.

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