Having well informed patients leads to better patient care. Patients can actively participate in their own care by knowing what choices they have in their treatment, medications and recovery. They know the potential benefits, risks and cost associated with each option. They, along with their family and care provider, make the decisions on the course of treatment. By engaging patients in this manner, the overall patient experience with the healthcare organization increases their trust in and attachment to that organization. The Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) reports that patients who actively engaged in their care tend to have better outcomes.

Other studies have shown a multitude of benefits from having patients actively engage in their care decisions, including a decrease in medication errors and adverse drug events. One way to engage patients is to have them actively monitor their health when they are out of the direct care setting and to alert their healthcare provider to any changes that they notice.

There are many ways that technology can assist in engaging patients in their own care. A robust patient portal could have educational materials – approved by the care provider – with materials that outline the various care options a patient might consider. These must be in clearly understood language and list the benefits and risks of each option. The portal could also have secure messaging that allows the patient to inform their care provider of any change in their condition, such as increased weight for a diabetic patient. A reminder app for the patient prompts her to take her medication and easily report non adherence to the provider for immediate follow up. The app could also remind the patient when it is time to schedule a follow up visit.

MazikCare based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the above technologies and more to assist your physicians and nursing and office staff to fully engage your patients, earning their trust and loyalty.

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