When it comes to selecting and implementing an ERP for your business you must consider several aspects and keep in mind the actual processes and practices that your business goes through on a daily basis. This is because all major ERP players in the market namely Microsoft Dynamics Ax, SAP and Oracle E-business suite contain similar modules and functionality. So what creates the difference? These are the 3 most critical things that you absolutely cannot afford to ignore:
1. Implementation cycle:
This should be one of the top concerns when making a decision, as implementing an ERP will be a time consuming and tedious task. Time is money when you are taking on an ERP solution and the shorter the cycle the better it is for everyone.
According to a recent survey by Panorama Consulting Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX had the shortest implementation time compared to Oracle and SAP.
2. User friendliness:
An ERP solution is something that users will interact with daily and a user friendly system will have direct effects on productivity. This system is not one that can be easily replaced or upgraded, therefore what you are getting will most likely be used for years to come so pay attention to how user friendly and interactive the solution is.
SAP is known to have a difficult User Interface because of the complexity it contains, on the other hand Microsoft Dynamics Ax benefits from using the same Microsoft office ribbon layout which users are familiar with to increase user comfort and enhance user experience.
3.  Synergy with working environment:
On a daily routine users will not only be working with the ERP that is in use they will be using other communication and productivity tools as well.
In this regard nothing beats Dynamics Ax as it has the benefit of being a Microsoft product which  gives it power to cooperative interaction with other Microsoft programs like outlook mail, word etc.
Bonus: After you have paid attention to the above, some other important things to keep in mind are:
-System architecture for future required enhancement and customization’s.
-Multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities if it is a global business.
-Upgrading procedures and ease.
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