1. Interaction between departments – flow of information from department to department will no longer be a hassle. Departments that have no interaction with each other but are dependent on data from each other will become efficient.
2. Redundancy protection – Data redundancy is never a problem. Customer, vendor or any similar data that is usually very redundant and hard to keep updated across the company will be taken care of by the ERP system in place by having a single store and multiple access points for its users.
3. Business process automation – complete business processes can be automated regardless of cross department or cross company worries. Using workflows and assignment capabilities available in all leading ERP systems.
4. Detailed Reporting – due to consolidation and presence of all data in a single place, extensive reporting can be performed from the manufacturing to the marketing end. Which enables insights into reasons and predictions of success and failure.
5. Manageability of the system – it is far easy to maintain and manage a single system that is used by the whole organisation than to manage different independent systems.
6. Better auditing – Tighter controls over data enable better and complete auditing.
7. Efficient product development – When the marketing department can access manufacturing data and make decisions over it, efficient and timely product development is easy to achieve.
9. Easier alignment with customer demands – ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics Ax contain CRM modules that give insight to the organizations customer base and their needs.
10. Forecasting powers – With such detail and accuracy in data across the organization comes the power to forecast budgets and more over forecast positions which has been included in the upcoming release of Dynamics Ax R3. Companies can forecast budgets and it can be done for as many future years as needed.
 11. Tracking and visibility – Workflows with ERP systems provide tracking and visibility to various areas from a Purchase requisition to a purchase order.
These are some key reasons why a business should use ERP, depending on the industry there are several specific reasons to use an ERP system to support the organization in meeting its needs. If you are still questioning whether your company really does need an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics Ax feel free to contact me on Linkedin or tweet to me and I will try to get you connected with one of our experts at Mazikglobal.

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