ISV Development

Access critical data when and where you need it most.

Low-code and no-code line-of-business applications for enhanced customer engagement, streamlined process and enterprise-wide integration.

There’s no stopping progress

Look, we understand. Organizations can be slow to change. Budgets, red tape and cultural resistance can morph aspirational sprints to improve into slogging marathons. Yet change must happen … eventually. Systems become outdated, best practices evolve, the competition innovates, regulatory and compliance demands … well, those are forever in flux.

As an independent software vendor, our goal is to solve these business challenges and more so that you can succeed and even thrive. We develop intelligent products to give you maximum accessibility to your data in real time, be it onsite or in the field.

Data when and where you need it

We help you to better serve your customers, patients, students and community, work smartly, run smoothly and grow your bottom line. In short, our ready-to-deploy, line-of-business apps sit on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and allow for a seamless (and secure!) flow of data to and from your end users where and when they need them. Our apps constantly analyze and learn from the data you input (or which is transferred to Dynamics from all your IoT/connected devices) and quickly adapts to deliver better, more relevant information to both front-line employees and decision makers.

Taking the fear out of change

User adoption is rapid, as your people are already familiar with the Office 365 interface. The ongoing analytics give your process managers valuable insights enabling continuous process improvement. Your employees are happy, your customers are satisfied, and you can focus on your more strategic pursuits.

Always with an eye on the future, we develop our products to be easily extensible, so you can adapt your processes and workflow to changing circumstances. We empower you to toss out legacy apps that don’t play nicely together, consolidate your operations in a single technology stack that minimizes your IT spend and footprint.

As your efficiency marathon nears its end, look to Mazik to guide you through your digital transformation.

Industry Accelerators

We specialize in apps focused on healthcare, discrete manufacturing and government, but also have vast experience with Microsoft’s Finance & Operations and Talent 365 solutions as well.

Machine Learning in Action

Our products include cognitive services and AI to better understand what data to deliver in a particular workflow process, what data is most important to your end users, and predictive maintenance for your connected equipment.

Making Lives Better

Our products are easy to use out of the box and follow industry best practices. Your employees will be happier in their roles with smarter, simpler processes. As a result, your customer engagement and satisfaction will continue to grow. It’s a win win!

Manage your business process with ease and take your customer service to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Mazik Global's industry-focused IP. Contact us today to learn how to begin your Digital Transformation.
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