Embrace patient-centered, collaborative care

with MazikCare’s Healthcare Cloud Platform

Project Stats


Percent increase in overall concert head count


Merchandise items sold during the main concert


Raving reviews written after the show ended

Enable frictionless patient care through a unified data platform

  • Curate accurate enterprise data from EMR, financial, and other IT systems through secure integration into a single platform
  • Improve business operations with AI insights from connected data sources
  • Boost employee satisfaction by automating intelligent worklists and centralizing IT workflows

Empower patients to take charge of their health

  • Reduce no-show rates and improve care plan adherence with in-app forms, reminders, transportation tools, supply orders, and care plan tracking
  • Enable shared decision making through secure information sharing and virtual communication between patients, caregivers, and multiple providers
  • Leverage insights from unified patient profiles to craft personalized patient journeys that engage patients in their care 

Engage physicians for seamless care collaboration

  • Attract providers with robust marketing targeted by specialties, patient volumes by CPT codes, payer mixes, and more
  • Engage physicians through streamlined provider onboarding and relationship insights in unified provider profiles
  • Increase patient appointments with digital referrals and automated service scheduling workflows

Optimize materials management for precision, value-based care

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