Experience Unprecedented Connectivity with Mazik ShopFloor

Your typical shopfloor is nothing too special. It’s a collection of clipboards, 3-ring binders, and white boards – it’s tangible, and mostly paper-based. You can see everything laid out in front of you, which sounds great – until you think about efficiency. Using this system, information tracking and input is manual and inefficient, resulting in delayed and often inaccurate data. It can be difficult to make timely decisions on the plant floor, and there can be delays in tooling and inventory readiness.

These systems need an upgrade. Mazik ShopFloor delivers the connectivity you need to stop crawling and start sprinting.

With Mazik ShopFloor, you get:

Predictive Maintenance

  • Empower precision customer service and inform design and engineering processes for continuous product improvement.
  • Perform artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics on historical and current machine performance data to predict machine failures and intervene preemptively.
  • Transition to just-in-time supply chain.

Telematics and Safety

  • Remotely monitor machines for ultimate visibility and actionable intelligence.
  • Minimize machine downtimes, increase equipment lifetimes and improve productivity.
  • Minimize service visits through remote troubleshooting and reduce warranty costs.
  • Decrease time-to-value with pre-build device integrations and business processes.
  • Stream machine data from remote areas without internet connection.
  • Design and development services for IoT/M2M, AMR/AMI, remote instrumentation, and data-acquisition and control related projects.

Connected Field Service

  • Integrate your proprietary hardware or third-party instruments into IoT cloud data collection tool.
  • Predict and execute proactive service to improve customer satisfaction and resource productivity.
  • Make IoT actionable through automated workflows.
  • Improve employee productivity and effectiveness through intelligent tasking.

Remote Management IoT

  • Receive alerts when equipment requires maintenance and trigger service responses.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity of infrastructure with real-time monitoring.
  • Reduce operational expense through actionable insights.
  • Minimize human involvement by dispatching maintenance and repair crews only where they’re needed, when they’re needed.
  • Plan load sharing using historical data.

Empower your organization with a digital transformation today. Learn more about Mazik ShopFloor at https://mazikglobal.com/industries/manufacturing/.

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