By Nelly Siddiqui, Marketing Team, Mazik Global

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with endless sets of challenges that we couldn’t have anticipated. One of these challenges includes uncertainty surrounding the future of the work environment. Back in 2020, we had to shut down our businesses and refocus our processes, all in the blink of an eye. At the time, there was an end in sight. But now that we’ve been living with Covid-19 for over a year, it’s clear that it’s changed the way we do business for good.

The new name of the game is flexibility. For the vast majority of us, our offices are now our homes. We have the benefit of managing our own time and working in a comfortable environment in which our commutes are just a brief walk down the hall. How do we maintain this sense of comfort in our office spaces moving forward?

The hybrid work model is a popular option. Data shows nearly 70% of workers are just as or more productive at home than in the office. Engaging in a hybrid model of work allows for access of new talent beyond the barriers of location. Large corporations like Google are transitioning to this model and there’s no denying it will make certain work processes much easier.

However, it will be critical to evaluate who needs to be in the office, and when. Every employee has different individual responsibilities; newer employees might need to be working in-person, but employees with more experience can be allowed more independence. Additionally, the technology we use for video conferences and meetings needs to be improved in order for us to move forward in this digital age.

As for the employees who are in the workplace? Managers will need to get creative in coming up with ways to keep them engaged and invigorated as they return to the office after months of working at home. We have to use our workspaces in innovative ways in order to promote purpose and inspiration. This might include redesigning cubicles into co-working spaces or adding comfort spaces with couches or comfortable chairs.


Times are changing, and we have to adapt the ways in which our businesses are run if we want to keep up. Covid-19 has been a roadblock, but it’s given us the opportunity to discover new processes. We’re finally getting back to work – but this time, we’re doing it a little bit differently.

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