By Syed Fahad, Corporate Vice President, Mazik Global

February 2020, A Year Ago:

The spread of Covid-19 had begun, and increased hospitalizations and deaths were being felt in the world. At this time in the United States, much remained untouched and unchanged. In the middle of March, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as a worldwide pandemic. Just a month later, by the middle of April, Covid-19’s impact was being felt full-force worldwide with devastating and life altering impacts.

Non-essential businesses were forced to close, schools closed and eventually pivoted to a virtual format, restrictions were implemented for people to shelter in place, not gather, and quarantine. Healthcare systems and providers were overwhelmed with patients and the death toll was rising.

Mazik Global pivoted to a remote workplace environment and like other organizations realized our way of doing business had to change.

The driving questions for solutions became: Will the solution provide immediate help to our customers? Will it help save lives? How quickly can this deploy? The answers to these questions were of paramount importance in driving outcomes from our technical and healthcare experts. Mazik Global was fortunate to already have 17 years of experience in the healthcare industry to pair with a driving passion of its global workforce to help keep people safe. Our pathway became clear:

We were able to deliver valuable solutions in shortened timeframes due to internal technical expertise, leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft Power Platform and Mazik Global IP.  Working with our customers to help their communities and populations was a humbling experience as our focus was on keeping people safe and healthy.

What to Expect in 2021:

2021 will continue to push the boundaries of change. Covid-19 has been a catalyst for digital transformation in every industry:

  • Retailers will continue to expand virtual and non-touch shopping experiences
  • Healthcare appointments will offer expanded virtual capabilities and diagnostics; AI insights will be increasingly important to predict risk for populations
  • Public Sector innovations will be needed to continue to support a new non-touch world for constituents and employees
  • Education systems and universities will require tools to maintain healthy and safe environments
  • Manufacturing and supply chain processes will need to be nimbler and more scalable to adapt to quick changing needs and conditions

Customers will continue to need solutions in a condensed timeframe. Technologists must think ahead to anticipate these needs and fill the role of digital front-line workers. The continued evolution of cloud-based data, unified platforms and solutions will accelerate changes in healthcare provider/patient, business to business, and business to consumer relationships.

Mazik Global has become a stronger team due to the changes from the pandemic and will continue to work to enrich the human experience through innovation.

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